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Online Consultations

Teachers in Training need to participate in 4 online consultation meetings as part of their certification process. Schedule online consultation

Purpose of Consultation

The main purpose of online consultation sessions is to support your teaching experience through interaction with a Koru Center faculty member and fellow teacher trainees. You are encouraged to bring questions, challenges, reflections and insights to the online sessions so that we may all enhance our skills. Another purpose of these consultation sessions is to participate in the growing Koru teacher community. You will meet and learn from the experiences of other teachers and contribute to the development of our Koru teacher community.


The best way to prepare for a consultation group is to spend a few minutes contemplating what you wish to better understand. You may want to reflect on your teaching in your most recent Koru class, reflecting on challenges as well as highlights. Feel free to bring both to your consultation group. You may want consultation on the process of the group as a whole or your concerns related to specific students. You don’t need to offer a lot of detail, but are encouraged to boil your thoughts down to essential points for the benefit of all the participants in the consultation group. Finally, consultation groups are an excellent opportunity to discuss your learning process as a teacher—how you feel about your role as a teacher and changes you may notice in your teaching style.

How to access your scheduled session

Web: koru.site/zoom Phone: Enter one of the following numbers: (415) 762-9988 - or - (646) 568-7788 US Toll Enter the Meeting ID when prompted: 288 348 1474 **Use of headphones or ear buds will ensure reduction of any background noise. **Please try the Zoom link and get familiar with Zoom prior to your consultation session.