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Portfolio Submission

The final step of certification involves submission of a portfolio for review by Koru Center faculty.

Step 1

Please print, complete, and include this document with your portfolio, either electronically or via mail in a folder or envelope.

Step 2

Please include the following three components in your portfolio:
  1. Video recordings of you introducing, guiding, and de-briefing the following Koru Mindfulness skills: dynamic breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, a Gatha meditation, a labeling-of-thoughts meditation. Also include an audio or video recording of you facilitating one “check-in” session. Please include in your recording your introduction and explanation of the skill, as well as student reactions afterwards. Recordings should be submitted by mail on a flash drive or electronically via YouTube.
  1. The student evaluations from 3 Koru Basic Mindfulness courses. Please include the number of students who attended each of your classes. There is space for recording this information on your Koru Teacher Certification log.
  2. A short essay of your reflections on your experience teaching Koru Mindfulness.

Step 3

Send us your completed portfolio using one of the following methods:
  1. Email your portfolio to info@korumindfulness.org. Videos should be uploaded separately to YouTube.
  2. Snail mail your portfolio to: The Center for Koru Mindfulness 503 Compton Place Durham, NC 27707
View our tutorial on how to use YouTube

Assessment Guidelines