Koru Mindfulness Teacher

Bob Martin Certified

Elon, North Carolina Elon University and Private Practice bobmartinjdmsw@gmail.com

I founded Mindful Alamance, serving the Burlington, North Carolina, area. I facilitate mindfulness/meditation courses and mini-seminars.

I got started because I was a busy attorney dealing with all the stressors that we human beings are subject to. I was introduced to the world of Positive Psychology in 1999. I left my law practice to get a Master's degree in Social Work concentrating on the idea of flourishing.

What is it that we humans have to do in order to move beyond our ordinary existences to live lives that are extraordinary, that flourish? I discovered the answer in meditative and contemplative practices that transformed me and my outlook on life.

For the past 15 years I have looked deeply into these practices, took training, and have become aware of the transformative nature of engaging with ourselves. I have learned how very important it is to become friends with ourselves. Having learned and experienced new practices, I now want to share these discoveries with you.

All you need to do is set aside 15 to 30 minutes a day to do something at home, or on a park bench, that doesn’t cost anything and could extend your life, improve your immunological system, and lower your levels of stress and raise your base level of happiness.

I'm bringing mindfulness training to our communities and look forward to helping you become kinder, gentler, more loving, joyful, and less stressed. Let's raise your base level of happiness and instill in you, a peaceful sense of wellbeing. I offer special rates for nonprofits and I urge you to contact me for further information.

Koru Teacher since May 6th, 2017