Koru Mindfulness Teacher

Suit Fong Chan Trainer

Singapore, Singapore Mindful Insight Pte Ltd suitfong.chan@gmail.com

Suit Fong and her family are based in Singapore. She enjoys her roles immensely as Koru Center's Asia Pacific representative, Koru Trainer and Teacher.  She loves teaching mindfulness programs and the Koru Teacher Training to young adults, educators and those interested in enhancing their mental well-being and resilience for themselves and/or for others.  She is especially passionate about  supporting, teaching and exploring mindfulness practices with public and private agencies, professionals, educators, parents & caregivers supporting children and young adults with additional needs (SEMH & SEND children).

Outside of work, besides appeasing her curiosity of continuous learning and an avid foodie, she also enjoys her volunteer work (frontline helpliner, counselling, conducting mindfulness programs) with NPOs that support women and children at-risks.

Koru Teacher since June 10th, 2017