Koru Mindfulness Teacher

Julianna Fomenko In Training

Philadelphia, PA Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts jfomenko@pafa.edu

My name is Juli and I use she/her/hers pronouns. I'm an experienced LCSW-Clinician with about a 15-year history of working with diverse populations in residential and outpatient community/behavioral health settings in NYC and Philadelphia. I currently serve as the Student Care Coordinator at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) in Philadelphia, PA. I help PAFA students connect to wellness resources and put together programs that showcase wellness within art making. I love working with art students and faculty to creatively infuse mindfulness-based practices within art making spaces. I began practicing Soto Zen meditation with Monmouth Zen Circle-Compassion Ocean Sangha more seriously starting around 2011, and took the precepts in Jukai Ceremony in December, 2015 with John Bailes: Kotatsu Roko.

Koru Teacher since September 3rd, 2020