Koru Mindfulness Teacher

Ann McCarty In Training

Oak Ridge, NC Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher annmccarty@gmail.com

I am a retired Physician Assistant with a long career of incorporating mindfulness teaching with clinical practice. Trained as a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher, I have now taken on the Koru Mindfulness and Meditation format as my offering to those who are suffering and are seeking to live a more peaceful, calm life. I am also a certified Integrative Nutrition Health practitioner, which is of value in that I have many different ways to approach an individual to guide the way to a broader spiritual, emotional and physically healthy life.

As a retired person who lives in the middle of North Carolina, I now have time to devote to social justice and racial inequality issues, furthering my education by reading and taking courses and joining groups of people taking a deep dive into these issues. I am volunteering in the areas of food insecurity, and am continually looking for ways to change the current systems which disenfranchise people. Our eight acres of mostly wooded land is an oasis, and the gardening plot is yielding healthy food year round. My husband and I parent 4 adult sons who are all partnered and live far, far away. We now have 2 grandsons, who are everything people said it would be...FUN!

Koru Teacher since September 25th, 2020