Koru Mindfulness Teacher

Maria Bridge Certified

Gardiner, NY maria.luisa.lambert@gmail.com

Hi! I work in the social impact world, and teach Koru Mindfulness on the side. Teaching Koru is a way of sharing practices that have been of benefit to me. I began meditating in 2013 when I was exhausted in my corporate role, and at a breaking point. I was eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep, trying to be optimistic...but I was miserable internally. Meditation didn't fix everything overnight but it rather quickly provided a raft to stay afloat on. Over time--through long-retreats and lots of practice! -- meditation and moving mindfully in the world has become an always available place of refuge.

I live in upstate New York with my husband, where we rock climb almost every weekend. We spent many years living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn before that. We also love Burning Man, and have been attending since 2013.

Koru Teacher since May 15th, 2017