Koru Mindfulness Teacher

Randie Kruman Certified

Detroit, MI Wayne State University rskruman@wayne.edu

My name is Randie Kruman, and I am very excited to teach meditation and mindfulness classes. My professional career spans four decades. I have been a teacher in the K-12 public school system, learning specialist in the community college setting, and for 13 years, I have worked at Wayne State University. I serve as the Director of the Disability office at Wayne State University. My journey in mindfulness and meditation began six years ago as a personal practice, and I am excited that my meditation practice has now become part of my professional work. I became a certified Koru meditation instructor in 2019.  I have been teaching mindfulness and meditation classes at the university to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, staff, and faculty since 2018. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of mindfulness and meditation so that I can empower others to care for themselves with their own meditation practice.

Koru Teacher since August 10th, 2018