Koru Mindfulness Teacher

Sheridan Wilbur Certified

Boston, Massachusetts Freelance sheridan.wilbur1@gmail.com

Sheridan is a certified Koru Mindfulness 'Teacher in the Wild' and freelance writer/editor, based in Boston. She grew up in a big French-Canadian family from Rhode Island and began her mindfulness journey as a runner; eventually competing D1 for Duke University's track and cross country programs.

Today, she's building patience while she adapts Koru materials to kids ages 6-10, with guidance from the kids on how to let go. 🙂 She loves learning about the body and mind connection and hopes to bring mindfulness to more athletes.

If you're a Koru Mindfulness teacher in Boston (or elsewhere) and would like to chat, I'd love to connect!

Koru Teacher since February 14th, 2019