Koru Mindfulness Teacher

Amy Arnold In Training

Indianapolis, IN Butler University amarnol1@butler.edu

I am a Butler University academic staff member who works in the History & Anthropology Department and with the Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies program. I have a keen interest in wellness of body and mind that motivates me to wake up early for a run and spend extra time and energy preparing healthy meals. I initially discovered mindfulness through my yoga practice and followed any mindfulness resources that came into my awareness. That's how I found a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course that taught me the practice of meditation. Over the last four years, meditation has become a regular practice and source of deep personal insight, relief from stress and has improved my relationships. Still on this path, I have completed a course in Insight Dialogue, an interpersonal mindfulness practice and am a teacher-in-training for the Koru curriculum. I am grateful for the curiosity and kindness mindfulness has helped me cultivate; I am glad to share it.

Koru Teacher since June 8th, 2020