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Tom Beall-Schwab Certified

Buffalo, NY SUNY Buffalo tbeallschwab@gmail.com

Carla Bergamasco Certified

PGH, Pennsylvania Carlow University Health Services crbergamasco@carlow.edu

Rebecca Block In Training

Rochester, New York University of Rochester rblock@uhs.rochester.edu

Karen Blumenthal Certified

Bellport, New York Mindful Education Life Tools Kalary4@gmail.com

Jeanette Brooks Certified (Legacy)

Dexter, Mi jeanette.m.brooks@gmail.com

Briana Brown In Training

Iowa City, IA The University of Iowa briana-versteeg@uiowa.edu

Jennifer Brown Certified

Bozeman, Montana Montana State University, Bozeman jennifer.brown@montana.edu

Ginger Bryant Certified

Boone, North Carolina Appalachian State University bryantgr@appstate.edu