Koru Teacher Certification Agreement

This document describes the rights and responsibilities of a Certified Koru Mindfulness® Teacher, and the terms that govern your use of the Koru Mindfulness teaching materials.

Here’s what you need to know about Koru Center intellectual property:

Who owns it?

The Center for Koru Mindfulness does.

  1. The Center for Koru Mindfulness owns the intellectual property, copyright and trademark for Koru Mindfulness®. That means that only those folks who have permission to use our materials can use them. Pretty straight forward.

Who has permission to use our materials?

Certified Koru teachers and teachers in training.

  1. Certified Koru teachers and teachers in training have permission to use our materials. This includes our logo, all of the teaching materials provided for you at the teacher training workshop and all the materials you access via the online teacher dashboard.
  2. If your certification lapses, you can’t continue to use our materials. This means you have to pay your annual certification fee to continue to have access to all Koru materials. The certification fee is $195 and includes full use of the Koru teacher dashboard. (This fee will be reviewed annually and may change, by the way.)
  3. If you are a teacher in training and don’t complete the training in one year, you can’t use our materials anymore. The exception: We really want you to finish your certification, so you may pay a fee to extend your training period. You can extend your training period by 3 months at a time for $59. (This fee will be reviewed annually and may change.)

What are the limitations?

There are a few of these.

  1. You can only use Koru Mindfulness® materials for your own teaching. You can’t copy or share them with others to use who are not Koru teachers. And you can’t sell them.
  2. You cannot train other folks to teach Koru. Only the Center for Koru Mindfulness can do that.
  3. Translating the materials for your own personal teaching may be fine. Just get written permission from the Koru Center first.
  4. You can’t amend or adapt our materials without written permission.

Teaching Koru Mindfulness®.

What are the rules?

  1. Koru Mindfulness® can only be taught by certified teachers or teachers in training. That’s why you go to all the trouble and expense of getting trained and certified. This is how we all know that Koru is being offered at a high standard, everywhere it is taught.
  2. Certified teachers and teachers in training can teach the Koru Mindfulness curriculum in any setting, either as a volunteer, as part of your duties in your professional position or charging an appropriate fee for your services and expertise. You may use your own discretion in setting your fees.
  3. You have to maintain your certification by paying your annual fee to continue to teach Koru Mindfulness®. Only teachers in training and certified teachers with up-to-date certification can teach Koru.
  4. As of March 15, 2020 (thank you coronavirus) all Koru teachers and teachers-in-training are free to teach Koru online. We
    ask that you carefully evaluate your online classes and do your best to maintain the high standards you bring to your
    in-person Koru classes.
  5. Koru Mindfulness® teachers and teachers in training are listed in the Koru teacher directory and may advertise themselves as Koru Mindfulness teachers.

Who can use the Koru Teacher Dashboard?

  1. The dashboard is expensive to develop and maintain; we can only offer this service by charging a reasonable fee for its use.
  2. Teachers in training get complimentary membership to the Koru teacher dashboard for up to 12 months during the training period. You can extend this access by 3 months at a time if you need to extend your training period. (See #4 above.)
  3. Certified Koru Mindfulness teachers can subscribe to the teacher dashboard by paying an annual subscription fee. This fee is $120/year when purchased at the time the annual certification fee is paid. The fee is $15/month, prorated annually, when paid any other time. (This fee will be reviewed annually and can change, by the way.)
  4. If your certification lapses or your subscription expires, you won’t have access to all the materials on the dashboard, including the very cool course management system.
  5. As long as you maintain your certification, you can still teach Koru even if you don’t subscribe to the dashboard. But if you want to use the materials and capabilities of the dashboard, you have to subscribe to it. And you can only subscribe to it if you are certified.

What about doing research on Koru Mindfulness®?

  1. Research on the Koru Mindfulness curriculum may only be completed when fully certified Koru Mindfulness teachers are doing the teaching. This is the only way to maintain validity in research findings with Koru.
  2. If you plan to do a research project using Koru, make sure to consult with the Center for Koru Mindfulness before you get started.

A few final things.

  1. Once certified, your certification will continue for so long as you pay the annual certification fee. If your certification expires or is discontinued or revoked for any reason, you may not hold yourself out as a Certified Koru Mindfulness Teacher, use any of the Koru teaching materials or use the Koru logo.
  2. We don’t think this would ever happen, but we reserve the right to revoke certification for any individual who in our reasonable judgment is adversely affecting the Koru Mindfulness® program or curriculum. So, behave yourself!
  3. The Center for Koru Mindfulness has the right to update or amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time. You can always see them on our website.

That’s a lot of information. Thanks for your patience in reading it. And remember, you can ask us questions about this anytime by emailing info@korumindfulness.org.