Cancellation Policy


Teachers in training who wish to withdraw from the certification program may receive a refund of 80% of their certification tuition, excluding the $50 application fee if they withdraw before they participate in a Phase 1 Koru Teacher Certification Workshop. No tuition reimbursement is possible for teachers in training who have already completed a certification workshop.

It will make our lives much easier if we are notified of withdrawals at least 30 days before a training workshop commences, so we greatly appreciate your trying to do this.

Please email with any questions.

Annual Certification

Unfortunately, a cancellation of the annual certification is not possible. Once you have paid you will continue to be certified for 365 days, at which point you can choose to renew or not. Please note that you must pay your annual certification fee in order to access the Dashboard. Click here to renew your annual certification.


Dashboard subscribers can be reimbursed 80% of their remaining months. For example, if you paid for a 1 year subscription and cancelled after 6 months, Koru Mindfulness will refund 80% of half the subscription rate.Please email with any questions.